UE Academic Human Resources Office

May 03, 2017

By David Abercia, Assistant Vice Provost and Chief of Staff 

This month’s featured unit is the Undergraduate Education Academic Human Resources Office, which launched its work this fiscal year. The unit was many years in the making, and involved the combined efforts of several campus constituents.

While we are all familiar with the staff human resources operations in some capacity; what we aren’t all familiar with is that there is a parallel operation for academic employees. This includes lecturers, faculty directors, college provosts, teaching fellows, readers, tutors, and the list goes on. For more than a decade, Undergraduate Education relied on the divisions of Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, just to name a few, to handle all of our academic appointments. It was time to formalize the process under the divisional dean responsible for the academic appointments. This was one of my first big projects upon arriving at UC Santa Cruz and a challenge I enjoyed because of the opportunity it presented.

Over the course of a year, and in close collaboration with the Academic Personnel Office (APO), the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office, and various stakeholders in UE and throughout campus, we launched the recruitment for the Academic Personnel Manager. This individual would lead the endeavor to consolidate academic appointments from multiple units across campus, which was not an easy feat. With the help of Summer Session Director Monica Parikh, Learning Support Services Assistant Director Charis Herzon, and APO Principal Analyst Nancy Furber, we interviewed many qualified applicants and ultimately selected Judy Scarborough, from the Humanities Division. Judy had a great deal of knowledge regarding the colleges, having supported Crown, Cowell, and Stevenson with their appointments. This opportunity was also special to her, as an AHR office for Undergraduate Education was a vision that she shared with former VPDUE Bill Ladusaw for many years.

Judy stepped into her role as Academic Personnel Manager in January 2016. Jackie Davila was recruited from Staff HR in April 2016 to be the Academic Personnel Coordinator, and in September 2016, Lisa Pauken joined from off campus as the Academic Personnel Specialist.

Together, the three process more than 900 appointments annually. They are responsible for reviewing and processing all Summer Session appointments (Senate and non-Senate faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students). In addition, they work with the colleges to appoint all of their core and non-core course faculty. They also support programs in the Educational Partnership Center, as well units in the Division of Student Success. The team embodies the UE spirit of Enhancing Community and Scholarship through their work, ensuring that students have faculty to lead classes, and additional support to ensure student success in and out of the classroom.

For more information on the services provided by the AHR team, please visit their website, or feel free to stop by their offices on the ground floor of Kerr Hall.

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