Office of Campus Advising Coordination

June 07, 2017

By Stacey Sketo-Rosener, Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Advising 

The Office of Campus Advising Coordination provides a wide range of support for the advising community at UC Santa Cruz, and supports undergraduate success, retention, and graduation through our work on multiple success initiatives.

The decentralized nature of academic advising at UC Santa Cruz is in many ways a strength - it provides opportunities for advisers and advising offices to offer high-impact and innovative services, and provides a strong support network for students. To maintain this decentralization, though, in a way that supports consistency of advising services, central coordination is important. Campus Advising Coordination works to provide that coordination through leadership in the following areas:

  • Supporting training and development opportunities for advisers
  • Developing and improving policies, procedures, and tools
  • Collaborating with campus partners to support student success
  • Developing / supporting programs and innovations aimed at student success

Our office is responsible for many campus-wide events that are highly regarded and well attended. Some of these events include the Winter Advising Forum, the All-Hands Informational Meeting, and the annual Academic Advising In-Service Training. A complete list of the events we’ve held for advisers this year is in the adviser section of our website. We’re also responsible for implementing and improving many student processes, including the readmission application process, withdrawal process, and triple-take approval process, to name a few. Two staff in our office focus on engaging undergraduates in honors and research opportunities, and a big project we took on this year is implementation of the Koret Scholars Program, which included awarding fifty scholarships to undergraduates who are working with faculty on research. We coordinate Student Achievement Week each year, and work to ensure that undergraduates’ achievement is recognized. We oversee a team of 16 peer advisers who work with students in the colleges. Members of our office also participate in multiple campus-wide projects and committees, including the Slug Support Team, Advising Task Force, and Transfer Experience Team.

Our work as demonstrated in the many items listed above spans the entire campus, affecting every student who enrolls at UC Santa Cruz. We approach this campus-wide work guided by these values:

    Student success
  • Collaboration, consultation, and leadership
  • Diversity, equity, social justice, and social responsibility
  • Clear, transparent, and timely communication
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Service and responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • High-quality work

For more information about the Office of Campus Advising Coordination, we invite you to visit our website.

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