Overhaul of Curriculum Management Systems Underway

December 06, 2017

By Tchad Sanger, University Registrar 

The Curriculum Management Project is a large, multi-year project under the auspices of the Office of the Registrar and Undergraduate Education. The project is dedicated to increasing the usability of, and integration between, the various systems on campus related to curriculum management. Phase I of the project, now in process, involves the systems used for approving new courses, modifying existing courses, approving program statements (requirements and other information about programs), catalog production, and the catalog itself. Phase II of the project will address class scheduling.

In addition to AIS (Academic Information System), there are several systems currently in place to manage curriculum, including OCA (Online Curriculum Approval), WCMS (Web Content Management System, for catalog production), R25 (classroom scheduling), and CCLP (Campus Curriculum and Leave Planning). These systems are loosely integrated or not integrated at all with AIS and each other. All of these systems are technically outdated or were not intended to be permanent solutions.

In Phase I, we looked at several vendors to supply the software to run our curriculum approval processes and catalog publication. All vendors we have looked at provide a single solution that integrates curriculum with the catalog and with AIS.

Expected outcomes from Phase I include:

  • Reduced staff and faculty time spent on administrative work in creating courses and program statements, freeing up time to spend on the academic aspects of curriculum management
  • Improved catalog functionality including: improved navigation, pop-up course information for course lists, search functionality across all aspects of the catalog, and support for tablets and mobile devices
  • Consistent presentation of program requirements within the catalog and across many platforms
  • Improvements in many areas such as workflow management, reduced data redundancy, and enhanced data integrity

For more information, visit the Curriculum Management Project website (access to some parts of the website requires logging in using your CruzID and your Blue password). To keep up to date with how the project is progressing, sign up for our monthly Status Report update.

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