Extra Mile Award Nominee of the Month: Kristal Cardiel

December 06, 2017

Kristal Cardiel with Sammy Slug

Kristal Cardiel is the College facilitator for the Educational Partnership Center’s (EPC) GIRLS Paving the Way (GPW) grant. The program follows a cohort-based model and serves 35 girls for three years as a progressive process that builds on the girls' experiences & successes. The program provides a myriad of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based workshops and field trips, academic support, and social-emotional development so that upon entering high school participants are future-directed, emotionally and socially healthy and have aspirations for postsecondary education.

Kristal is from East Los Angeles, a predominantly Latino and working class community. She is the first in her family to graduate from high school and earn a bachelor's degree. Kristal graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2016 and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Education. She is strongly interested in bridging students’ social and academic realms in order to further students’ academic attainment.

As the College Facilitator for GPW she plans, designs, and implements, dynamic learning opportunities to promote higher education and support social development in order for students to become active, viable members in their community. She also discusses collaborative efforts with grant partners in order to foster sustainable and effective partnerships that advance the GIRLS Paving the Way mission and contributes to building a college-going culture in the Pajaro Valley.

In a recent Extra Mile Award nomination, Kristal was commended for her work in the development and launch of the the GIRLS: Paving the Way program at Lakeview Middle School. She was commended in her nomination because “(s)he has developed tools, engaged community organizations in collaborative discussions, gained buy-in and support from school partners and has launched an aggressive recruitment campaign to select 35+ amazing 6th grade girls to participate in the program. Her initiative, positive attitude and flexibility have been essential in developing a program from idea to reality. Her commitment to this project is noteworthy and merits recognition.”

Thank you, Kristal, for going the Extra Mile!