Staff Engagement Survey Shows Continued Improvement

February 08, 2018

By David Abercia, Assistant Vice Provost and Chief of Staff 

For the past two years, the Division of Undergraduate Education and Division of Global Engagement has conducted a staff engagement survey to gauge how we are doing in the areas of career development, work engagement, relationship management, and work environment. I’m happy to report that the results of the 2017 survey are available. While we had slightly fewer responses this year, we saw significant gains made in the work engagement, relationship management, and work environment sections.

Compared to the 2016 results, significantly more colleagues answered the following questions as strongly agree:

  • Employees in my unit take the initiative to help other employees when the need arises (i.e. willing to take on new tasks as needed). [35]
  • I feel completely involved in my work. [20]
  • My coworkers and I have a good, respectful working relationship. [31]
  • My supervisor and I have a good, respectful working relationship. [38]
  • Management within my unit recognizes strong job performance. [22]
  • My unit is dedicated to ensuring diversity and inclusiveness. [27]
  • My unit’s work positively impacts people’s lives. [39]
  • I am satisfied overall with my job security. [24]
  • My unit has a physically safe work environment. [26]

While there has been success in these areas over last year, the divisions still have work to do in other areas, specifically in the area of career development. The divisional Operations and Personnel Advisory Groups will be meeting in March to review all of the results and make recommendations for how we can improve over the next year.

As a result of last year’s survey, the two groups recommended the Extra Mile Award to provide more staff recognition, hosting bi-annual New Employee Orientation events to welcome new employees, conducting exit interviews, implementation of a more equitable pay for performance program, launched the divisional toolkit, and provided greater opportunities for staff to interact with leadership. The groups have already started discussions on improvements to current initiatives, but also new ones and this survey data will further inform the work of both groups. If you have ideas that you’d like to submit, please do so using our Google Form.

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