Extra Mile Award Nominee of the Month: Deena Pais

March 12, 2018

Deena Pais and her family

Deena Pais has been the College Academic Program Coordinator (CAPC) for Merrill College for the past two years. As CAPC, she is responsible for the administration of all the college courses, including Core and college enhancement courses. She is also the assistant to the Provost, supporting Merrill faculty and alumni.

In Deena’s work as CAPC, she has been commended for streamlining preparation “for regular events like Cookies and Conversation, taken a lead role in piloting Advocate [academic misconduct reporting] for the colleges ..., and is now deftly managing preparations for Merrill's upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations, including a diverse collection of productions planned for Alumni Weekend.”  Since assuming the CAPC role, Deena has taken on the role of event coordinator for many demanding events at the college.

Deena received a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from the University of Redlands. While living in Southern California, she worked for IBM and Bank of America, spending most of her early career in corporate America.

After marrying a Merrill alumni in 1998, Deena moved to Santa Cruz, stayed home to raise her two daughters and logged countless volunteer hours. Her daughters are now fifteen and seventeen and attending two different high schools in Santa Cruz. When not working or managing her family, Deena enjoys good food, good wine, a good book, and traveling.

Thank you, Deena, for going the extra mile!