Extra Mile Award Nominee of the Month: Janet Reedy

April 06, 2018

Janet Reedy (right) and her college roommate at Crown College their freshman year

Janet grew up in Southern California, and came to UC Santa Cruz as a Crown College student. After college, she met and married a native Santa Cruzan, who received his degree from UCSC as a reentry transfer student. During her career at UCSC, they’ve raised two children who are grown and out of the nest. Their daughter is in Washington DC, and their son is in San Francisco.

Janet has been in Undergraduate Admissions for her entire 25+ year career at UCSC. As assistant director, she wears many hats, and coordinates various processes, such as the evaluation of transfer applicants for admission; reviewing and posting transfer credit for new incoming undergraduates; and processing applications for readmission to the campus.

Recently Janet was nominated for “staying late after work almost everyday, plugging away at all the numerous things on her plate. She's done this without any prodding…”. Additionally, it was noted that her hard work and dedication is due to “her incredible work ethic and the pursuit of doing right by our students. She recognizes the contributions of others and does not shy away from acknowledging when we've done something that could have been done better. This willingness to reflect and strive for better outcomes is much needed in our department as we move forward.”

When she’s not at work, Janet enjoys reading, traveling, antiquing, and hanging out with family and friends. She has also recently taken up painting with a dear friend, my roommate from Crown.

Thank you, Janet, for going the extra mile!