Extra Mile Award Nominee of the Month: Joanne Madril

June 07, 2018

Joanne grew-up next-door to a UC in Southern California, which is why she chose to attend UC Davis (UCD). She graduated with a B.S. in Zoology.

Joanne had careers both as a marine biologist and as a financial services professional before she went to work at UCD’s Registrar’s office in 2006. She transferred to UC Santa Cruz in 2014. At UCD, she served as the Lead Residence Deputy. UCSC afforded an opportunity to also serve as a VA Certifying Official and registration specialist.

She was recently commended by a colleague for her “expertise and savvy as she guides students. Our students typically see (these) processes as red tape bureaucracy, but with humor and friendliness Joanne eases the way for our Veterans to be certified and for students to understand how their particular circumstances inform residency outcomes. Joanne's good will is palpable -- recognizing students by sight and being on first name basis with many, frequently also asking how a parent or sibling is doing.”

Joanne lives in Scotts Valley with her husband, pets & plants. When she’s not working she enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, tennis, movies & gardening.

Thank you, Joanne, for going the extra mile!