Undergraduate Admissions Staff Member Elected to Staff Advisory Board

December 05, 2018

Monica Galvan, Senior Transfer Outreach Representative in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, was recently elected to the Staff Advisory Board (SAB). Monica has 18 years of service at UC Santa Cruz working with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Educational Partnership Center. She will work with the Human Resources Advisory Group and Outstanding Staff Award Committee as part of service with the SAB, as well serve on the internal SAB communication committee.

Monica graduated from Merrill College in 1999 and currently works with transfer students. In her role as SAB member, she hopes "to bring your voice and concerns to the administration and make a difference with the hope to change a few things that affect staff and campus community." In addition, Monica is "committed to work hard to represent staff and voice our concerns so the administration is aware of the issues that affect the UCSC staff." Staff are welcome to contact Monica at monna@ucsc.edu with any questions or if there are issues that she can bring to the SAB. Congratulations, Monica, on your new role!

December 2018 Newsletter