Merrill College Provost Search

September 19, 2022

The Division of Undergraduate Education is undertaking a search for the next Merrill College Provost

College provosts are the academic leaders of their colleges, in charge of the college’s curriculum and faculty, the academic journey of its students, the intellectual engagements that can be fostered with faculty throughout the campus, and the connections that must be nurtured with alumni and supporters.

College provosts join together as the Council of Provosts. Together they develop, steward, and initiate inter-college and colleges-wide and campus-wide initiatives to support students, faculty, and alumni. Recent and ongoing projects include the new Core courses, College 1, and (with the Writing Program) the Academic Literacy Curriculum; the new credit-bearing summer orientation courses; an ongoing project to modernize and make more effective the campus academic integrity processes; and strategic planning in the context of the colleges’ first-ever external review.

Merrill College’s vision since foundation is that students learn about inequity in local, regional, national, and international settings, and that they have ample opportunity to engage actively in such settings. This learning begins with Merrill’s foundational Core course, “Reading Ourselves, Reading the World,” teaching strategies for academic literacy and ethos via topical content that highlights various forms of inequity. The college also offers background theory and experiential education via courses that include assistantships in local and regional schools, and internships in local non-profit, advocacy, and governmental organizations, and provides paid research internships in its Undergraduate Student Mentorship Program. Merrill also offers courses on careers in public service, democratic leadership, citizenship, and preparation for graduate school for under-represented students, and has developed a growing set of curricular and experiential opportunities for students through its Focus on Africa program. 

Merrill has an active student government, a participant-run Pottery Co-op, and many paid student positions in advising, programs development, internship coordination, and more. Students in these roles work closely with professional staff and faculty, gaining administrative, collaborative, and technical skills while building a service ethos—a hallmark of Merrill’s commitment to public service.

The initial review date for the position is Friday, October 28, 2022. Applications should be sent directly to me at

College provosts are key campus scholar-administrators focused on the academic programs of their college, alumni connections, faculty community, and a multitude of other issues.  Provost positions include release from half of their teaching load, a stipend, and summer salary.  This position will begin July 1, 2023 and has a three-year appointment.  Please feel free to contact me, Merrill Provost Elizabeth Abrams, or any current or past provost, to discuss this position.


Richard Hughey

Vice Provost and Dean