First Year Honors Program update

The pilot First Year Honors Program launched its first cohort at Cowell College in Fall 2011.  This expanded to Cowell, Crown, and Kresge in Fall 2012.  Fall 2013 will include cohorts at Crown and Cowell, while Kresge, Stevenson, and Merrill will be piloting a related Challenge program focussed on the transition from first to second year and the development of research skills.

These programs focus on expanding the unique opportunities of being an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, as a research university that has had college-focussed residential communities of scholarship since our establishment 50 years ago.

This page includes an analysis of the First Year Honors Program from the Academic Senate's Joint Honors Subcommittee of the Committees on Admissions & Financial Aid and on Educational Policy (CAFA and CEP), as well as the resulting VPDUE response and call for proposals for the Fall 2014 honors cohort.

VPDUE Hughey has chosen the proposal of Cowell College and Crown College for the 2014-15 honors cohort, and looks forward to working with Provosts Crosby and Ferguson, Faculty Director Birnbaum, CEP, CAFA, and many others on forming the cohort and providing an exceptional honors living-and-learning experience. 


VPDUE Response and Call for Proposals

Joint Honors Subcommittee Report (July, 2013)

Proposed Timeline & Responsibilities from JHSC

Proposed Honors Working Plan from JHSC

Cowell/Crown: Selected proposal


Original post created July 22, 2013