Degree Audit Project

The Degree Audit revamp project, also known as Phase III of the Curriculum Management Project, addresses functionality commonly known as degree audit reporting, and known on our campus as Academic Advisement Reporting (AAR). Currently, the AAR is programmed and displayed to students and advisers using functionality built into our AIS student information system, powered by Peoplesoft Campus Solutions.

AAR reporting involves programming for general University graduation requirements; General Education requirements; qualification requirements for every major; and the specific requirements for every degree, minor, designated emphasis, and certificate offered on campus.

The Degree Audit Reinvigoration and Renewal Project, launched in 2022, is a top campus priority in support of the campus goals for Student Success and to improve Efficiency, Effectiveness and Resilience. The initiative will result in degree audit capability for all undergraduates for all majors, minors and colleges; automating the process of determining what degree requirements are completed and what remain, and pathways for completion of the degree. Academic advisors and analysts will be able focus on student development, support, and supervision as automation and process-redesign reduce transactional work.

The project builds on early analysis and campus consultation, including a "Health Check" of the entire campus ecosystem that supports and engages with degree audit and related processes (report written by Ocean Bright Consulting). Detailed background information on the existing landscape and challenges to address: Academic Advisement Assessment for The University of California, Santa Cruz.