Degree Audit Initiative Team

The Degree Audit Initiative Team, housed in the Division of Undergraduate Education, works with various teams across the Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, Campus Advising Coordination, Academic Departments and Divisions, Colleges, ITS, and other key stakeholders across campus. Our team is always receptive to suggestions, questions, and concerns. Feel free to contact us anytime at

Project Sponsor

Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education


Degree Audit Initiative Team, Undergraduate Education

Allison Havelda, Technical Project Manager

Chris Paradies, Project Manager


Degree Audit Steering Committee

Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education

Tracy Crick, Assistant Vice Provost and Chief of Staff, Undergraduate Education

Allison Havelda, Technical Project Manager, Undergraduate Education

Chris Paradies, Project Manager, Undergraduate Education

Tchad Sanger, University Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Kalin McGraw, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Stacey Sketo-Rosener, Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Advising

Verónica López-Durán, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising

Paul Bauman, Product Suite Manager - Student Systems, Information Technology Services

Michelle Whittingham, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management

Timetra Hampton, Director, Undergraduate Admissions


Academic Advisement Team, Office of the Registrar

Linnae Davenport, Lead Analyst

K. Sheerin Go, Senior Analyst

Kalin McGraw, Associate Registrar

Hans von Rautenfeld, Senior Analyst

Lawrence Warren, Systems Analyst


Transfer Articulation Team, Undergraduate Admissions

CJ Knox, Transfer Review and Compliance Coordinator

Kaci Kobayashi, Articulation Specialist

Linda Koch, Interim Associate Director of Evaluation, Processing and Articulation

Christine Seely, Transfer Credit and Processing Specialist

Teri Sigler, Front Line Advisor


Degree Audit Working Group, Advising Community

Dan Barnhart, Lead Academic Preceptor, Crown & Merrill Colleges

Peter Blackman, Academic Advisor, Cowell College

Tina Cossaboom, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Sociology

Fred Deakin, Administrative Manager, Anthropology

Shauntay Larkins, Director of Student Achievement and Lead Advisor, Humanities Division

Andrea Legg, Academic Advisor, Baskin Engineering

Jade Loftus, Undergraduate Advisor, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences

Veronica Lopez-Duran, Assistant Director for Programs Advising, Campus Advising Coordination

Rexton Lynn, Lead and Undergraduate Advisor, Physical & Biological Sciences Division, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Laura McShane, Undergraduate Advisor, Literature

Lisa Morgan, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Economics

Danny Rodriguez, Lead Academic Preceptor, Oakes College

Beth Truax Armstrong, Academic Advisor, Crown College

Monique Vairo, Assistant Director, Baskin Engineering

Audrey Vosseler, Undergraduate Advisor, History of Art and Visual Culture