Time to degree data for 2010-11 graduates

A look at the time-to-degree for students graduating in 2010-11. Students are split according to whether or not they have 90 or more transfer units. Majors are sorted in the two tables according to the total number of enrolled quarters over 12 (or 6) among the students in the major. That is, a major with a handful of students but a high time to degree will not be at the top of the table because of the small number of students. The spreadsheet file can be used to do different sorts. Reducing the campus average time to degree will increase the number of students we can serve, and of course save the graduating students additional quarters of tuition and living expenses.

2010-11 graduates Time to Degree Excess Quarters by Major

2012-13 graduates Time to Degree Excess Quarters by Major

Original post created March 6, 2012