Success Team Executive Summary

The Undergraduate Student Success (USS) Team was formed in December 2012 at the request of EVC Galloway to consider ways to improve Retention, Graduation, and Time to Degree.

The Team decided to issue this Exective Summary in advance of the final report to relay to EVC Galloway for consideration its Two Immediate Actions Required for Progress as well as three Administrative Actions and Academic Initiatives.

As discussed in the attached Executive Summary, these are:

Action 1: Appoint a limited-term “Champion” to catalyze rapid reforms.

Action 2: Expand access to information that will empower students, advisors, programs, and administration to make decisions crucial to student success.

Strategy 1:  Increase On-Campus Jobs for Students.

Strategy 2:  Engagement with student mental health, alcohol, and other drug issues.

Strategy 3:  Encourage Development of Degree Paths that Increase Success.

The USS Team will be completing its full report over the next several weeks.

The USS Team includes:

Elizabeth Abrams, Provost, Merrill College, UE and Humanities
Julian Fernald, Director, Institutional Research, P&B
Daniel Friedman, CPB, Senate and SocSci
Grant Hartzog, Senator, Senate and PBSci
Tracy Larrabee, CEP, Senate and BSOE
Pablo Reguerin, Executive Director, Retention Services, CL
Stacey Sketo-Rosener, Coordinator, Campus Advising, UE
Michael Yamauchi-Gleason, Convener, Council of CAOs, BAS
Richard Hughey, VPDUE, UE and BSOE
Linda Rhoads, Special Projects Manager
Elise McCandless, Analyst

USS Team Executive Summary Final

Original post created April 22, 2013