UC Santa Cruz continues to build a solid transfer and frosh applicant pool

January 16, 2019

By Michelle Whittingham, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management 

As part of the strategy to increase transfer enrollment for fall 2019, UC Santa Cruz continued to accept transfer applications until Jan. 4. As of Jan. 7, the campus received more than 11,700 transfer applications, a 1.2% increase over the past year. Within that, more than 10,100 applications are from California students. This puts us in a great position as we are currently seeking to enroll 1,450 California transfer students in the fall, which is an intentional decrease of 250 from this last fall given our state-funded levels. We will be open again for winter applications with the goal of enrolling 100 in the winter of 2020, an increase of 30 over this year.

We received 55,530 first-year student applications for fall 2019 quarter, a 1.3 percent decrease from the previous year. Within that, the campus received 44,356 applications from California residents, a 3.3 percent decrease from last year, partially due to the expected decrease in California high school grads from 2018 to 2019. We have many public four year campuses experiencing such a decrease. The current fall California enrollment target is 2800, an intentional decrease from 3100, due to the state-funded level and the goal to enroll 1 California transfer student for every two California frosh.

Students from outside of California continue to recognize and seek opportunities at UC Santa Cruz. Freshman applications from international students increased by 12.4 percent, yet domestic out of state slightly declined. The current fall non-resident goals reflect 750 (570 international and 180 domestic), up from 640 last year.

Transfer applications from international students increased by 7.5 percent and domestic out of state increased by 15.3 percent. The current fall non-resident goals reflect 160 (apx. 130 international and 30 domestic), up from 116 last year.

The campus also continued to see interest from ethnically diverse California students with this year’s figures in line with last years. Of California freshman applicants, 5.2 percent are African American; 31.6 are Asian American; 36.1 percent are Chicano/Latino; .05 percent are American Indian and 23.6 percent are White. Of the California Community College applicants who are not international, 5.9 percent are African American; 27.3 percent are Asian American; .07 percent are American Indian; 31.7 percent are Chicano/Latino; and 31.3 percent are White.

Undergraduate applicants will be notified of admission decisions and waitlist invitations beginning mid-March. Admitted first-year students have until May 1 to indicate their intent to enroll and transfers until June 1.