Search launches for UC Santa Cruz’s first Director of Academic Integrity

October 23, 2023

The Division of Undergraduate Education is proud to announce a nationwide search is underway for our campus' first Director of Academic Integrity. This position is the first step towards the formation of the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) at UC Santa Cruz. The AIO will reimagine the university’s approach to academic ethics, with a focus on student-centered learning, mentorship, and restorative justice.

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape the AIO will provide better support and guidance for faculty and students, and will nurture a culture of integrity and academic excellence at UC Santa Cruz.

The AIO framework and objectives were developed in partnership with the Council of Provosts, colleagues in The Teaching and Learning Center, Baskin School of Engineering, and researchers in the Psychology Department and represent an opportunity for a transformational improvement toward the following key goals:
  • Provide student-centered education with an emphasis on ethical behavior and the principles of restorative justice.
  • Improve the student experience with a single point of contact and centralized case management for academic misconduct reports.
  • Engage students through peer mentoring opportunities.
  • Reduce workload for faculty and staff.
  • Establish best practices for faculty in promoting academic integrity in the classroom and technologies that proliferate instances of academic misconduct.
  • Build and grow partnerships on campus and systemwide.

With a focus on student success and academic progress, the AIO is positioned to create a meaningful, positive impact on the UC Santa Cruz academic community.

The initial review date for the Director of Academic Integrity position is November 16, 2023. To learn more about this position and to apply, please visit the job posting. Current employees will need to log into UCPath and apply via the Recruitment Workcenter.

For more information about the Academic Integrity Office or information about the Director of Academic Integrity position, please visit the Academic Integrity Office webpage.

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