UCSC Challenge Program in the Colleges

Kresge, Merrill, and Stevenson Colleges and the Division of Undergraduate Education are planning to launch a UCSC Challenge Pilot in Spring 2014. 

The challenge pilot will seek to provide "high-achieving students with the opportunity to participate in a rigorous program emphasizing individual attention and dynamic interaction with UCSC faculty and academically-motivated peers in classes, social settings, and collaborative research projects."

The focus will be on the frosh to sophomore transition and preparing students for the opportunities for deep engagement available at our research university

The challenge pilot will be complementary to the First Year Honors Program, and may have some overlapping activities and events.

The attachments include the proposal, with some details yet to be filled in, and the Divisional funding commitment and invitation for other colleges to take participate.

Submittal to CEP, October 2013

CEP response, February 2014