International Strategy

Continued maturation of our campus depends on growth as an internationalized research university, not just through our impressive research impact, but also through broad integration of international students and experiences throughout the educational chain.

A leading focus of cross-campus pursuit of internationalization has been undergraduate admissions and enrollment, and Fall 2013 includes our first recruited class of international students, over 100 new frosh and transfer students.  Internationalization also includes strategies for undergraduate and graduate student success, opportunities for international study and research for all students, research and institutional partnerships, and many other domains.

The Division of Undergraduate Education engaged CDB Solutions' Ian Little to assist in assessing our current strategies and offer suggestions about future approaches.

In May, Ian visited campus to gain a fuller understanding of the environment and unique opportunities for students, with a particular focus on opportunities for international student recruitment and engagement.

In the first week of July, Ian presented his preliminary findings and recommendations to the campus.  The attached report is the final version of this assessment; feedback on the report and its recommendations is highly encouraged.

University of California, Santa Cruz, International Recruitment Assessment

Additional Reports

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Original post created July 10, 2013