CIE Report on International Education

The Academic Senate Committee on International Education has developed the attached report on incoming and outgoing international studies.  The Committee on Planning and Budget indicated its support of a draft of the report, especially with respect to non-resident enrollment.  Perhaps the most import memo is the one from the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid, which provides the highly desired authority to split the admissions pools rather then evaluate all students within the same scale. The standard scale is highly geared toward California residents; the pool split enables ranking of each group of comparable students, followed by an analysis of the BOARS "compare favorably" criteria, so as to help us obtain our goals of having an even more diverse incoming class that increased perspectives and experiences from outside California.   Of course, campus constituencies are also concerned about budgetary issues related to non-resident tuition.

See also the February 2013 report of the International Recruitment and Graduation Team.


CIE to EVC - Int'l Ed Report

CPB Non-resident Enrollment

CAFA Non-resident International Admissions


Original post created January 19, 2013