Employee Actions

Equity Request

For a salary increase due to a change in job duties or as the result of a compensation analysis, please complete the following:

Reclassification Request

For a change in job classification for an existing employee due to a significant change in job duties, which would usually be accompanied by a salary increase, please complete the following:


An administrative stipend is a temporary pay action that an employee receives when they're temporarily assigned an increase responsibilities such as:

  • Significant additional duties or short-term projects not currently a part of the employee’s regular position;
  • Duties of a position in a higher grade or classification which would result in an upward reclassification if permanently assigned or,
  • Out-of-Classification assignments as defined within collective bargaining agreements. Refer to Out-of-Classification Stipend Matrix.

For a stipend please complete the following form:

  • UE/GE Stipend Request (Powerform)
  • Please ensure you briefly describe reason and key details of the proposed stipend


Position Management: Please be advised that recruitments (except 100% grant funded recruitments) are subject to CPEVC approval. The UE Divisional office will review each request and route for CPEVC approval. To start a recruitment please submit a Position Management Approval Form. If/when approved, you will receive notification via email. You may proceed with the normal UE/GE internal recruitment steps set below but please note that Position Managment is required in order to post a recruitment.
Note: Position Management Approval is a temporary procedure set in place out of precaution of campus impacts due to Covid-19.

UE Recruitments

Submit a UE Recruitment Form. New or existing positions will be required to go through the Position Control Form (PCR) process. All information needed for the PCR will be captured in the UE Recruitment Form. 
Please complete and submit the following:
  • Job description (upload into one of the forms above)

Note: All Job descriptions must be on Career Tracks Template for non-represented positions or the Standard Template for represented positions

Once the position has gone through the PCR process, a Job Opening Request (JOR) will be submitted to Talent by the UE HR Office. All information needed for the JOR will be captured in the recruitment form. 

Recruitment Document Suite (RDS)

Once your Initial Review Date has passed. SHR will give the hiring manager access to the Recruitment Document Suite (RDS) using Google Drive. The Recruitment Document Suite contains a number of documents, including screening matrices and recruitment selection logs that will help the hiring committee throughout the recruitment process. Hiring Managers are required to fully complete the documents (screening matrices, selection logs, etc.) before a hiring manager is able to identify their selected candidate and move on to the Job Offer stage. 

Job Offers

After conducting interviews and reference checks the Hiring Manager will extend an informal job offer to the selected candidate.

If/when the selected candidate accepts the informal offer, the Hiring Manager will ensure all the documents in the RDS are complete and submit a UE Job Offer Form. The UE Job Offer Form will automatically be sent to UE HR Office, who will notify Talent. Talent Aquisition will then review the RDS and ensure all documents are completed. Your job offer will submitted, only when Talent Aquisition has reviewed/approved all the documents in the RDS.

The Talent Aquisition team will contact the selected candidate directly with a conditional job offer and discuss next steps (e.g., background check). Purchase Number PO is currently required for background checks.

The final formal job offer will be sent from a Talent Aquisition member after all steps have been completed. 

Please note that the final start date is dependent upon when all steps, including passing of background check, are completed.

Performance Appraisals

Employee appraisals will be transitioning to the new ePerformance platform over the next couple of months. You should receive an invitation for trainings on this new platform. Staff HR will be prioritizing training for managers who have employees in a probationary period.  


If you have any questions regarding the process or the status of your employment action, please do not hesitate to contact Isabel Corrales, iscorral@ucsc.edu or Elani Zissimopoulos, ezissimo@ucsc.edu.
If you have questions about funding your employment action, please be sure to consult with Ted Codding, tcodding@ucsc.edu prior to submitting forms.