International Proposal

The Division of Undergraduate Education is pleased to present its Proposal for Support of International Student Growth and Campus Globalization.

The Vision of the proposal is

To become a model of a distinctive Internationalized Research University for inbound and outbound students, scholars, faculty, and visitors.

Initiatives, actions, and ideas contributing to this proposal include 

As well as much work by Senate committees and units throughout campus.

Within Undergraduate Education, special thanks to Admissions, Advising, Campus Orientations, Council of Provosts, International Education Office, Strategic Programs, Summer Session, Associate Dean of International Education, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, Assistant Vice Provost of Strategic Programs, Assistant Dean of Resource Planning, Assistant Dean of Policy and Personnel, and IVPDUE.

Outside of Undergraduate Education, special thanks to Administrative Leadership Team, CAPS, CHES, ILC, Language Program, Writing Program, Chancellor, Special Advisor on International Initiatives, Associate Chancellor, Ben Crow (CIE), Dan Friedman (CPB), June Gordon (CAFA), Ian Little (CDB Solutions), Matthew Medenick (CAFA, CPB), Peter Minogue (ASL), and Matt Robinson (CIE).


Proposal for Support of International Student Growth and Campus Globalization, 12/20/13

Senate Response and Committee Responses, 3/14/14

UE Thanks and Response to Senate Analysis, 4/24/14


Original post created December 19,2013