Degree Progress Report Overview

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) displays a student’s graduation requirements and which courses satisfy those requirements. Requirements will have a status of satisfied, not satisfied, or enrolled.


The DPR displays University, general education (GE), major/minor, and college requirements. The requirements that display are based on the catalog year a student is using for each of their major(s) and/or minor(s). Each major and minor will display all lower- and upper-division requirements. Proposed majors will display major qualification courses in addition to the lower- and upper-division requirements. Whenever possible, the DPR is built to mimic the language and structure of the General Catalog.

Note: The General Catalog sometimes includes additional policy and process information which is not included in the DPR. It is important to review your major and/or minor's program statement in the General Catalog thoroughly.

Satisfying Requirements

The DPR uses information on your academic record to satisfy requirements. These include completed and in-progress courses taken at UCSC, transfer credit and test credit with a course or GE equivalency, placement exam scores, and even being part of a certain group, like transfer students. Advisor may also apply milestones to satisfy, or confirm satisfaction of requirements, such as submitting a senior thesis. They may also need to grant exceptions, such as allowing unarticulated transfer credit satisfy a requirement, double count a course between majors, and performing system overrides.


Prior to the 2021-22 catalog, the DPR was known as the AAR, or Academic Advisement Report. In June 2022 a project was launched to update and maintain the accuracy of the DPR for all majors, concentrations, and minors. As of February 2024, DPRs for all majors, concentrations, and minors are updated and accurate for the 2021-22 catalog onward.

The existence and accuracy of DPR/AARs prior to the 2021-22 catalog cannot be assured.

Additional Questions

Students should contact their college, major, or minor advisor with additional questions. For questions regarding University, GE, or college core requirements, contact your college advisor. Contact your major/minor advisor for questions about requirements for the specific field of study.